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President Xi Cares for Soldiers at Plateau, Fu Sheng was “Gilivable” in Solving Oxygen Uptake Difficulty
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Oxygen generation matched plant won the bid of the project for plateau oxygen generation station of the General Logistics Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army as the best. Fu Sheng is the appointed compressor brand by oxygen generation equipment plant because of our excellent performance. President Xi cares much for and pays high attention to this project. As a supplier, we know it is of great responsibility. 

Changsha Shungao, one dealer of Fu Sheng fully supported the supporting enterprise and completed plateau oxygen generation compressor project. Our timely and considerate service won praise from clients. 

At places with elevation of about 4300m, both soldiers who work and live their or equipment run at the plateau are facing ordeal. Strict delivery standard, security, stability and other performances of Fu Sheng compressor all meet army demands, just like excellent quality of soldiers and their responsibility and mission. 

As the specified brand of standard configuration for oxygen generation matched plants, key equipment for oxygen generation, Fu Sheng air compressor has become the top choice in the industry depending on high quality and service and other advantages. In Tibet alone, there are over 40 Fu Sheng SA04AT compressors to support oxygen generation.