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Polaris+ Series

Product Features

The quality of what goes into Polaris+ compressors is essential to the quality of what comes out. A range of advanced features ensures efficient, trouble-free performance over years of demanding use.


  • R1000 Control System, featuring a 9-inch full touch-screen display, introduces several new control modes to provide increased energy efficiency.


  • Engineered coatings that deliver extended service life, reduce maintenance, and prevent corrosion.


  • Mechanically superior bearings that result in improved stability, require less oil consumption, and reduce power requirements.


  • Consolidated package upgrades, providing increased package flexibility, additional future upgrade consideration, and extended product life.


  • Advanced aerodynamic staging that reduces power consumption.


  • Simple, practical design increases reliability and decreases downtime by limiting rotating and wearing parts and accomodating quick field maintenance.



High Efficiency

  • Optimum number of stages compression design
  • Best compression efficiency
  • Lowest running cost


  • Advanced aerodynamic design, adopting backward lean impeller to provide better compression efficiency




Good reliability

  • Aircraft Quality Gear processing confirms to the standard AGMA13
  • Bull gear and rotors must pass strict dynamic balance testing. Low vibration and high stability.
  • Non-metallic thrust bearing,  less mechanical losses, less oil consumption, tighter clearances,high performance.





Long Maintenance Period


  • Single-staged low compression ratio. Low bearing load gives the bearings a longer service life.
  • Horizontally split design allows for site maintenance and easy maintenance.





  • R1000 specially developed to meet the needs of the industrial markets.


  • 9 inch color touch panel provides a friendly user interface.


  • It works at highest efficiency and requires lowest energy to function.


  • R1000 Controller includes:

1. Base

Stable system pressure control


2.Suction Throttle

A bigger range of adjustment. Running in low current decreases the energy consumption


3.Ambient Compensation Control(ACC)

Able to change Surge Line depending on the environment, giving faster and more energy-saving control.


4. Pressure Band Optimization(PBO)

Assists in avoiding unnecessary discharge air by continually regulating compressor output based on the minimum pressure required


5. Integrated Compressor Control(ICC)

With a lead and lag control process, when one fails to function, the other will backup. This can effectively control the amount of unnecessary gas production and reduce emissions in order to achieve energy-saving purpose.


6. Advance Notice

Enables users and service engineers to receive immediate notices in an event of mechanical breakdown. This will efficiently reduce downtime.



Quality of Compressed Air



  • 100% clean, oil-free compressed air, confirm to ISO 8573 Class 0